“Our mission is to provide a complete turnkey solution for all your Hearth needs; from inserts and fireplaces to chimney’s and sweeping. Whether you are looking for a pure heating source or a stylish fireplace you are sure to find it here”

To satisfy homeowners’ needs

Our focus has always been to satisfy homeowners’ needs by helping them to purchase the products that are right for them. This means we inform our customers on guidelines for EPA approved, efficient, and safe appliances that are wood burning, gas or pellet fuelled. The results include satisfied customers who are reducing their overall heating bills, who are making environmentally-conscious decisions to fuel their homes, and who are ensuring a source of heating in the event of a power outage.

With the growing concerns over harmful emissions at the forefront of the environmental debate, we are extremely conscious of and committed to informing our customers as well as the community at large on principles of efficient burning.

Our products are today’s alternative solutions.


Our commitment is to provide an affordable alternative solution for heating your home using renewable energy sources such as wood, and other conventional heating methods like natural gas, propane, pellets and electric.

We are committed to offering you a wide range of quality products from some of the top manufacturer’s that respect our environment and regulations. For this reason, every product sold by Alternatives is researched to ascertain that it is in accordance with all legislation now, and in the future.